Wonder if I will be able to crowd-fund it…

I’m thinking of inventing 3D glasses that people can wear all the time so that they can see life in 3D.




Just Wondering

If the smell of burning toast is a sign that you are having a stroke, and you are making toast and it burns, and you have a stroke because you think you are having a stroke, would you fail to notice an important symptom — namely, the smell of burning toast?

The Subway: A Metaphor


The other day at Rosedale Station A Voice asked everyone to get off the subway quick quick quick as the train had to return south to the Royal York. The Voice said another train would be along shortly. The Voice said, “We are closing the doors. Please exit the train.” Everyone got off quick quick quick. They closed the doors. A minute later, the doors opened again and the Voice said we could all get back on. We did, and we continued our journey.

Was this the new train they had promised us?

This is a metaphor for my life, I think. I just have to figure it out.

A perc from the phone company


My elderly aunt passed away on Tuesday. On Thursday, I cancelled my aunt’s phone. The phone company guy completed the request, then said that he and his family would pray for my aunt’s soul to make sure it got to heaven. I thanked him, and later remarked to my younger son, “It’s amazing what you can get from your phone company these days.” He replied, “I think it’s part of a bundle.